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But Why Him? Cover by emjoy2000 But Why Him? Cover :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 5 4
PHAN I'll Always Be Here for You - Chapter 3
Things began to get better again. Phil was now in his senior year at school and he began to feel no need to hang around with his group of old friends anymore.
Instead he sat under a tree on the far side of the school oval at lunch talking to Dan or reading aloud to him.
Dan had never learned much as a ghost. He learned how to speak from what he had already known and how he heard Phil speak.
When they were little Dan would sit in lessons with Phil, but he was much younger and understood little of what the teacher was saying. And his learning had developed little after that. But he was so interested in the stories that books held, so Phil began to read to him.
Smaller books at first, ones Phil had to read for school work. But moving on to larger series once he saw how much Dan enjoyed it.
“Your spilling it everywhere!” Dan was almost on the floor in tears he was laughing so hard.
“Shut up, I didn't mean to knock it over.” He laughed too and s
:iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 8 2
PHAN I'll Always Be Here for You - Chapter 2

Phil shut the door to his room, clicking the lock into place. His father was still shouting downstairs. His mother had been trying to calm him but it had developed into an argument. He was screaming abuse of her and Phil. Phil heard a large clapping noise, the sound of skin hitting skin. Suddenly he could hear the gut wrenching sound of his mother crying. 
The back door slammed and the family car started up. Downstairs was deathly silent apart from his mother’s sobs. 
Phil lay on his bed pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them and cried. He felt so alone, his friends had started bullying him again, like they had when he was little. His pillow was soaked in tears when he finally stopped, but only because his eyes had run dry. He sat up a little and began to wonder why the bullies didn’t bother him as a kid; he didn’t remember having any friends.
There was just... oh.
Phil started tear
:iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 7 4
PHAN I'll Always Be Here for You - Chapter 1

For Dan it was over in a flash. All he had wanted to do was get his ball off the road. But a car had interrupted that, and his life for that matter.
But he was not alone on the road on that Friday evening; a small boy was also playing in the street. A six year old with dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes watched the horrific event unfold. He ran towards the younger child after the car sped off. Not wanting to deal with the consequences of ending a child’s life.
A life that hadn’t really started yet that was already over.
Little Phil looked at the bloody bruised child, and started crying. The boys brown curly hair was matted with blood and his eyes were dull. He ran to his house for his parents as any child would.
Parents fix everything, they can make anything better. Surely they’ll fix this boy for him.
There were lots of police and other important people on Phil’s street that night. Phil’s parents talked t
:iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 17 17
Untitled girl by emjoy2000 Untitled girl :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 0 0
Dim Reality - Phan
This is about domestic violence. If you think this hits a bit too close to home I suggest maybe not reading.

“Trust is hard to gain, but so easy to break.”
I paced near the side of our house, cigarette in hand.
I was never one for smoking, hell; I’d even made a video explaining why I didn't like it. But some guy had noticed my fit of panic as he walked past our street and offered me one, to which I accepted almost absentmindedly.
I knew I shouldn't have but they remind me of home, and right now I wish I was there. I wish I was still a kid when problems like this didn’t exist, when my actions didn't determine the rest of my existence, and I was happy.
I looked down at the gray paving stones as I walked up and down and tried to forget what had just happened and how it was to affect my future. But things still slipped into my mind.
His broken coffee mug.

The red marks I left on arms.
:iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 13 13
Dim Reality by emjoy2000 Dim Reality :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 2 0 Carrie Hope Fletcher edit by emjoy2000 Carrie Hope Fletcher edit :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 2 0 Lines by emjoy2000 Lines :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 3 2 'Someone Protect Me From the One I Love' by emjoy2000 'Someone Protect Me From the One I Love' :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 6 4 2 SPOOPY by emjoy2000 2 SPOOPY :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 1 0 au bord du lac by emjoy2000 au bord du lac :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 1 0 Bedroom 2 by emjoy2000 Bedroom 2 :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 4 0 Bedroom 1 by emjoy2000 Bedroom 1 :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 1 0
In Flight - Phan

“This is absolutely crazy Phil, I’m not doing this.”
“Just take my hand and try it.” 
I lightly pushed one foot towards the edge; I could see the street below us. Far too far down not to die on impact.
“This is fucking mental Phil, why are you making me do this?”
“Just trust me; I’m right here.” 
He gripped my hand tighter to show me that he was being truthful.
I pushed my foot over the edge, while keeping my weight on the other that was still firmly planted to the roof.
“Now try and step forward.” 
“Are you fucking serious? No way.”
“It will be fine; can you please just trust me?” 
I could hear a hint of frustration in his voice. It made me feel so conflicted, how could this ever work
:iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 11 24
In Flight (coming soon!) by emjoy2000 In Flight (coming soon!) :iconemjoy2000:emjoy2000 2 1


Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil by Golden-Plated Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil :icongolden-plated:Golden-Plated 94 7
But why him? -Phan- Part 8
‘Maybe the prince, the dream. Everything I’ve ever wanted, really doesn’t exist. Maybe I really was making it all up in my head. Maybe, just maybe- Phil was right, and life is just life. You grow old, you die and that’s about it. Some people are given better deals than other. Some people are meant to be used to help someone else and maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do. It’s completely unfair, but it’s reality. And sure reality is a lot harder to deal with than a fairytale, but it’s real and it means something. People get given the worse deals and still live on with their lives. How can they do it? Surely if it’s so bad they couldn’t. What’s worth living for if it’s all for nothing?
I’m starting to learn that Phil is one of these people who have it bad. He’s had it awful, so much worse than me. He was forced to marry at sixteen by his father after his mother left. How did he deal with it? It seems
:iconkittyxuchiha11:kittyxuchiha11 11 15
Mature content
L'anniversaire :iconanimagirlfs:AnimaGirlFS 4 11
But why him? -Phan- Part 6
“What’s so wrong with Phil anyway?”
“It doesn’t matter. He‘s just not my type”
There was a small silence between them then. PJ shifted in his seat slightly as he kept his eyes on Dan from his place across the table. They’d decided to catch up over drinks, which of course now seemed like a terrible idea. Nothing had changed between them. The nature of their relationship was still the same, but- there was just this small feeling of awkwardness in the air.
“What is your type then? I mean, Phil is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever seen”
“He’s just not the one I’ve been waiting for…you know that Peej”
PJ sighed softly, taking a sip of his drink before looking back at this friend. “How do you know he’s not the right guy if you don’t even give him a chance”
“Look, I’m not saying he is that person but…you’ve got to at least give him
:iconkittyxuchiha11:kittyxuchiha11 13 1
the oldest story in the universe by littleulvar the oldest story in the universe :iconlittleulvar:littleulvar 2,704 66
Phan - Du und ich (Part 27)
Title: Du und ich (ENGLISH) 
Pairing: Phan
Author: AnimaGirlFS
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: This is just fiction, chill your beans. I don't own anyone, I'm just a writer.

Super-important notice: 
Please read this journal here because it will explain exactly what's been going on at the moment and why this has taken so long and it's actually quite an important journal (to me, at least) so please read it before you read the rest of the part.

The exams were finally over and Dan and I had been making good use of all the time we know had.
Unfortunately, our timetables still had some major differences and a lot of my free afternoons were spent alone when Dan had a lesson or was study
:iconanimagirlfs:AnimaGirlFS 8 47
Have a NewYears!Timestamp :)
It isn’t the first time his parents have gone off on a Christmas vacation without bringing Dan – really, it isn’t. But, it definitely is the first time they did so without even thinking to invite Dan first.
Well, technically they did tell Dan, but only to inform him that he isn’t coming to DisneyWorld with them, no questions asked, what the fuck.
“You haven’t even started revising for finals?” And for once his mother is actually looking disappointed rather than enraged, and Dan feels guilt gnawing away at his stomach like a rat. “Daniel, you know we normally don’t bother you about your grades, but you’re in your final year at school. This procrastination problem you’ve got has got to stop. We don’t expect much, but please at least get decent grades. We don’t need you to fail school, especially not when we’ve paid for twelve years of expensive education.”
And just like that, Dan feels like h
:iconstarsafterlight:starsafterlight 6 7
Phil and his new best friend by orsholya Phil and his new best friend :iconorsholya:orsholya 45 1 Dan and the stray kitten by orsholya Dan and the stray kitten :iconorsholya:orsholya 48 5
It's not enough -Phan-
Summary: Phil having some angsty thoughts about his and Dan’s relationship.
AN: it’s not even that angsty it just came into my head and it made me sad reading it bad so enjoy :3
There’s always that constant thought, always tugging at my mind. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stop it. I’m not really sure how to describe it. Just the sort of feeling that stays inside you, and you just know it’s bad. And no matter how much you try to tell yourself it’ll be okay. That everything is okay.
It isn’t.
And you know that. You know more than anyone else that the thoughts that are swirling around your head can only mean one thing. That it is true. That your feeling all those negative feelings you thought you would never feel. Could never feel. You thought that being with him, or her. Made you happy. But it doesn’t.
It’s not enough.
It’s never enou
:iconkittyxuchiha11:kittyxuchiha11 14 4
So, are you ready? -Phan-
Summary: After hiding their relationship for over four years, Dan wants to come out. But maybe the reason they haven’t come out already isn’t because of Dan’s choice to hide it.
Phil never thought that Dan would actually agree to it. It had become a little game between them that they had played for years now. Phil would ask Dan jokingly when he wanted to come out. Dan would get all pouty and bury his head in Phil’s neck telling him it wasn’t funny. Of course Phil found it hilarious, always laughing softly as Dan grumbled and pouted at him. But now something had changed.
Dan was being just plain flirty on camera. Purposely standing too close so their arms or even hands would touch. At first Phil was a little confused since Dan had previously been very strict on the non-contact rule. But he soon loosened up a little. Smiled back at Dan as his boyfriend nudged him or la
:iconkittyxuchiha11:kittyxuchiha11 15 10
Mature content
Staring at the edge of the world :iconthat-lonely-road:that-lonely-road 10 5
Because He Likes You
a/n: This is set in an ideal universe where being gay isn’t a big deal
-Pre Primary-
Phil was building a sandcastle in the sandbox the first time he ever saw Dan. It was the first day of pre primary, before the first bell. As Phil was building his sandcastle he saw a shadow come across the sandbox. Before Phil could do or say anything, he was pushed into his sandcastle, affectively destroying all of Phil’s work and getting some sand in his eye. Naturally, Phil started crying and the perpetrator ran away. A teacher quickly ran to Phil, comforting him.
“I hate him!” Phil stated when his tears dried.
“Oh, Phil, don’t say that! You know what? The only reason Dan pushed you is because he likes you, he just wants to get your attention.”
Phil just shakes his head, if Dan pushed him because he likes him, that’s pretty stupid.
That was only the first of many incidences where Dan purposely hurt Phil. Pushing him, hitting him, pinching
:iconunicyclingelephant:UnicyclingElephant 52 25
Last Kiss - Phan
I still remember the look on your face. Bit through the darkness at 1.58. The words that you whispered for just us to hear. You told me you loved me, so why did you go?
I do recall, the smell of the rain. Fresh on the pavement, I ran off the train. That October day, the beat of your heart. It jumped through your shirt, I can still feel your arms.
But now I just sit on the floor wearing your clothes. All that I know is I could not, be everything that you would need. I never thought we'd have a last kiss. Never imagined we'd end like this. Your name, is forever the name on my lips. Just like our last kiss.
I do remember the swing in your step. The life of the party, showing off again. I'd roll my eyes, and you'd pull me in. I'm not much for dancing, before before you I did. Because I love your handshake, meeting my father. I love how you'd walk with your hands in your pockets. How you'd kiss me when I'm in the middle of saying something. There's not a day I don't miss those rude interrup
:iconimeveryonescheese:imeveryonescheese 6 3
The Moment by Alda-Rana The Moment :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 120 9
Phan - Ghost
A/N: I was reading The Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger, and this idea was formed. It's written in the style of the book, or at least, it's meant to be. I hope you like it!
Dan's P.O.V
Every god damn thing made me feel sad. Literally every god damn thing. A mother walking with her child on a breezy winter's afternoon. A couple holding hands as they drank tea together. An old man being helped across the road. All of it made me feel so sad and alone. See, don't get me wrong - I loved to be left alone. I'd always loved being left alone. I did. I really, really did. But there's such a difference between being alone and being lonely. And while I liked being alone, I didn't fancy being lonely.
And as I stood watching the world pass me by on some second-rate hotel's balcony, I wondered exactly where it was I was going in life. Quick paced London zoomed by below me and it didn't care what I did. It didn't. Didn't care if I jumped off that balcony right there and then. I would've, too,
:iconanarchy-01:Anarchy-01 14 20


So I graduated school Party
That was fun, they pronounced my last name correctly which was exciting. They also gave me a scrolly thing and a sash so it was like srs bsnss. 

Grad by emjoy2000
Look at that face. That is the face of someone who sat through 3 hours of people talking to get up on stage once.

So I'm going to Muse tomorrow night with Bec WOOOOOO THAT IS GOING TO BE FUN.


Shit I used caps I need to pull this back into a respectable journal. 
Okay so I haven't posted any fics in ageeeeees but I've been writing a lot of things. I just get stuck very often and with a lot of these they don't have a fixed structure so I don't know where they are going to end up. But here is a sneak preview of what I've been writing lately.
Hopefully they will be posted by the next millennium.  

I'll Always Be Here For You - Phan

4347 words so far
Illalwaysbehereforyou by emjoy2000 
Cover art taken from this amazing post and re-coloured slightly…
Dan dies in a hit and run as a three year old. He then comes back to befriend the child that found him and they become inseparable. Lot's of family drama. 

Untitled Pacific Rim au - Phan

5336 words so far
Dan and Phil are recruited as pilots back in the old days of the Jaeger's because of their close relationship that makes them good drifters. It is the story of them training, fighting and uncovering a dark secret the PPDC are hiding that will effect their lives dramatically. 

Untitled Noir themed - Phan

3342 words so far
YouTube has become a corrupt organisation bent on using content creators solely for advertising and they will do anything to keep it a secret. Dan and Phil have been in hiding from them for over a year until a cryptic message on a laptop brings them out to try and blow open YouTube's secrets to the public. The problem is that they don't know who they can trust in a world fueled by money and fear. 

Night After Night Chapter I Don't even know.  - Phan

Apparently 436 words so far. I don't know I haven't looked at it in a couple of months. 

Nightafternight by emjoy2000
They try and have sexy times but it fails miserably then people come over to celebrate Phil's birthday and there's a phone call yadda yadda yadda no one wants to know about that trainwreck fic. Not even me.


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